Shopping Army

Everything you buy should not only be delicious and beautiful, but also good for nature, people and animals. That’s the premise of the BoldWomen, a national club for young ladies initiated by Wonder and continued independently in the beginning of 2013.
Temptingly the BoldWomen go out to inspire corporate companies to sell sustainable and responsible products. Sometimes the BoldWomen invade a shopping area as a Shopping Army, dressed in green uniforms and pink berets, armed with pink shopping baskeds, asking for fair trade chocolate, animal friendly make up or organic cotton dresses. At festivals and other public events you will find Dr. Green, a fashionable shop therapist that you can ask for advice. BoldWomen ask their local restaurants and bars for organic drinks and food and the local regiments organize activities such as clothing swaps or organic appetizer competitions. Go out, have fun and save the world by doing shopping! The BoldWomen club welcomes new members and invites motivated entrepreneurs to help futher developing the initiative. For more information visit

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